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Monday -Friday 9am - 10pm

Weekends 10am- 4pm 

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New Girl Naomi starts Monday 03/12/18 3:30pm

Weekly Schedule

Mon 03/19

Zuzu 10am - 3pm

Jamie 11am - 3pm

Savanna 10:30-  5pm

Maggie 3pm - close

New Girl Naomi 4:30pm - close

Tue 03/20

Anissa 11am - close

Claire 11am - 7pm

Jessica 10:30am - 5pm

Wed 03/21

Anissa 11am - 3pm

Maggie 10am - close

ZuZu 11am - 3pm

Savanna 3:30pm - close

Thurs 03/22

Katrina 11am - 3pm

Sheridan 10:30-close

Matilda 11am - 5pm

New Girl Naomi 3:30pm - close

Fri 03/23

Jamie 11am - 3pm

Sheridan 10:00am - close

New Girl Naomi 10:30am - 3pm

Jessica 3:30pm - close

Violet 3:30pm - close

Sat 03/24

 Aubrey, Claire, Kara and Sheridan

Sun 03/25

 Maggie, Savanna and Sheridan